born Home Interventions Study (Newhints)     

  Materials for Community Based Surveillance Volunteers (CBSV)

CBSVs are presented with a Newhints bag containing all the essential materials needed to examine a newborn baby and counsel a pregnant/recently delivered woman. The materials include the following:

     Manual, volume 1

     Manual, volume 2

     Workbook- to keep track of contacts with families, scheduling and recording appointments.

     Counselling cards - drawings and written instructions on newborn care practices.

     Referral slip - to send with mother and sick/very small baby to hospital to expedite care.

            Instruments for newborn assessment - these include:

  • Weighing Scale with sling (the scale is divided into 3 colours to denote weight category: Green = >2.5kg, Yellow = 1.5kg - 2.49kg, and Red = <1.5kg)
  • Timer to measure number of breaths
  • Thermometer

The CBSV outfit is completed with a bag, ID card with name and photograph, and light-blue T-shirt